LitBar Reef Aquarium LED Light Bars

Supplemental T5 Replacement LEDs

ReefLit’s LitBar Reef Aquarium LED units encompass quality performance for less. Utilizing coral health light spectrum LEDs with 120-degree lenses for optimum spread and color mixing makes the LitBar a great option for supplemental reef aquarium lighting and T5 replacements. These LED light bars can be used for supplemental lighting or combine the Blue Violet and Blue White bars to create a custom lighting fixture.

LitBars are made with a slender aluminum body, clear glass cover, and waterproof connectors. The lights design makes the LitBar ideal for installing on the side of existing light fixtures or hanging within a canopy.


  • 24″ – $120
  • 36″ – $140
  • 48″ – $160

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Coral Targeted Light Spectrum

Two Color Bar Options

The Blue Violet LitBar covers a spectrum from violet (410nm) to blue (470nm) with peaks at 410, 430, 440, and 460.  The fixture delivers usable light to coral optimized for coloration, fluorescents, and growth. This light provides the “pop” of color reefers enjoy.

The Blue White LitBar gives a more full-spectrum light using 20,000K LED’s which provides all wavelengths of light but with a heavy blue peak. These 20,000K LED’s are combined with additional blue (450nm-460nm) LED’s to target corals core beneficial light spectrum.

Optimized for PAR & Color Mixing

Sufficient PAR for LPS & SPS Corals

LitBars were tested in-house to provide an example of PAR level readings.
As shown in the graphic, LitBars have a good spread of light under and between each fixture. PAR levels are only a few points off from each other.
Only 2 LitBar fixtures provide enough PAR to sustain SPS coral, including some mid light acropora corals. One fixture or additional hight may be required to keep some lower light corals like softies and LPS.

LitBar Photo Gallery

When installing any lighting product or power supply
do not install in a manner that will allow any part or component to come in direct contact with water.
ReefLit assumes no liability for incorrectly installed products.